July 30, 2009

Were Featured Today 7.30.09 on ETSY

Today our Cloudfeather Shop was handpicked by the Treasury on Etsy!!  This is a 24 hour feature that display's handpicked artwork on Etsy.  The Treasury is a community on Etsy of fellow artisan's that blog and create themes & articles on their favorite items found on Etsy. We were handpicked today for our "Simple Man" leather pouch.  The inspiration is raw leather, the good ole' south and of course Lynyrd Skynyrd...! 

It is very exciting to have fellow artisan's choose you as their favorite... thank you.  Check us out:  http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=62769

We have also added a few new piece's and designs to our shop.  The cowprint collection is now up and features bags, pouches and cuffs.  More to come in the next few weeks!  

COMING SOON... Leather Guitar Straps!  Very cool and on the way... :-)

***** Have a Peaceful day ***** 

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