July 30, 2009

Were Featured Today 7.30.09 on ETSY

Today our Cloudfeather Shop was handpicked by the Treasury on Etsy!!  This is a 24 hour feature that display's handpicked artwork on Etsy.  The Treasury is a community on Etsy of fellow artisan's that blog and create themes & articles on their favorite items found on Etsy. We were handpicked today for our "Simple Man" leather pouch.  The inspiration is raw leather, the good ole' south and of course Lynyrd Skynyrd...! 

It is very exciting to have fellow artisan's choose you as their favorite... thank you.  Check us out:  http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=62769

We have also added a few new piece's and designs to our shop.  The cowprint collection is now up and features bags, pouches and cuffs.  More to come in the next few weeks!  

COMING SOON... Leather Guitar Straps!  Very cool and on the way... :-)

***** Have a Peaceful day ***** 

July 7, 2009

Our New Leather Shop on Etsy

Hello and welcome to our Cloudfeather Leather Shop Blog! We started this blog to let people know who we are and keep everyone up to date with our newsletters, designs, and upcoming events.

About Us:
We started a small handmade leather business on Etsy in March 2009. We're husband & wife leather crafter's with a passion for music, fashion, art and things handmade. My husband is a Rock-n-Roll Blues musician and has a background in fashion and design. As for myself, I'm a longtime crafter with a background in sewing, jewelry making, design and art. Together we've created our vision of unique leather goods that we call "wearable art".  We specialize in creating unique handmade leather Jewelry, Accessories & Apparel. *Handmade in the USA*

Our designs are inspired by Native American traditions, Rock n Roll culture and our love for 
the 60's and 70's era. We strive to make wearable modern day pieces that still reflect our inspirations. All leather and exotic materials are high quality and hand selected. Everything is designed, cut, stitched and worked by hand resulting in a one of a kind piece. All Beads and buttons are made out of natural materials such as sterling silver, bone, ceramic, glass, stone, metal, shell and wood.  Most of our pendants used in our necklaces are antique Tibetan pieces and are very unique.

Omawnakw, a Native American Hopi Indian name meaning, Cloudfeather.  Our  shop is named Cloudfeather after part of our Native American heritage, traditions and is inspired by our Native American wedding ceremony. 

Coming Soon... were launching our new website for our www.cloudfeatherleathershop.com site, Fall 2009! You can currently shop with us at our Etsy site at: www.cloudfeathercrafts.etsy.com

If your on Facebook and like our shop, help support us and spread the word to friends & become our fan on Facebook!  

*** We hope you visit us again and enjoy our Blogs.....  Peace  ***